Let our houses shine - against war and for peace!

In the midst of the pandemic, we managed to draw attention to the events industry, which was particularly hit hard by the crisis, by illuminating buildings and structures in red light. In this way, we set an example for our concerns at that time. Thanks to you, this campaign was a complete success and attracted a lot of attention. Now our houses shall shine again. But this time against war and for peace.

With your help, they will shine for two hours as Light for Peace in the rainbow colors of peace on March 3, 2022 at 8pm – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


We illuminate public or private buildings either inside or outside in the rainbow colors of the Peace Flag (vertically or horizontally). Alternatively, of course, an image of the Peace Flag can be projected, an LED wall can be set up or a backlit flag can be hung in the window – depending on the available resources, etc.

You can find the Peace Flag and the order of its seven colors under Downloads.

Important! It is our concern:

That the action will end punctually at 10pm.

That the basic idea of #lightforpeace is implemented in the colors of the peace flag (7
colors), if not otherwise feasible at least blue, green, red.

That our lighting projects do not interfere with road traffic and public transportation.

That any official permits required for implementation (especially for public buildings)
are obtained.

That residents and the surrounding area are not disturbed by noise and light.

That public places remain safe and walkable for the public at all times.

That the use of drones only takes place in compliance with legal requirements.

That we leave all deployment sites and locations clean

That you adhere to any locally existing protection concepts for all actions.

That we show peacefulness and solidarity.

Spread the word!


Please share this call as widely as possible – thank you! ❤️


The alliance of event associations uses its communicative power and takes care of the media work in all three countries.